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Our Services

Window Washing

A professional window washing service is an important part of keeping your office and business looking and performing its best. Window washing can help to get rid of dirt and dust that build up—as well as prevent stains and smudges that detract from the look of your exterior. Professional window washing can also make your store, restaurant, or building look cleaner and more attractive. It can also help to prevent damage caused by dirt and grime, as well as keep you and your business image intact. Seattle Super Cleaning Professional window washing is a significant part of keeping a business looking its best.

Interior & Exterior Commercial Detail Cleaning

Seattle Super Cleaning understands that your image together with the image of your brand will determine your business growth. Interior and exterior detail cleaning can help make your building look its best. When you think of detailing your property, you may think of the exterior—but detailing your interior is just as important. This service helps eliminate messes and dirt that would otherwise build up throughout your office, clinic, restaurant, and business, detracting from its overall appearance. Call us today to schedule a Detail Cleaning Package.

High Level Dusting Floor Care Service

Our High-level dusting is a great service, we offer, especially when dusting and cleaning surfaces that are high off the floor and difficult to reach. We offer High dusting services for items such as fans, ceilings, vents, and pipes that are 15 feet or more from the floor level.
SSC High-level dusting is an essential part of keeping any building, restaurant, or lobby looking its best. Dust can accumulate on floors, walls, and ceilings—and it can also cause respiratory problems for those who live or work in the space. A high-level dusting removes dust and dirt from floors, walls, and ceilings—and it also helps clean other areas that may be hard to reach. A high-level dusting is an essential cleaning service that keeps your building and its occupants safe.

Eco-Friendly Pressure Wash Services Green Cleaning

Pressure washing can be an effective way to clean outdoor surfaces that have been exposed to weather and other elements. However, some traditional pressure-washing methods and products can be damaging to the environment. That’s why Seattle Super Cleaning eco-friendly pressure washing Green Clean services are becoming increasingly popular. Eco-friendly pressure washing uses less water and eco-friendly soaps and cleaning products—resulting in a less harmful impact on the environment. Eco-friendly pressure washing is also more cost-effective, as it requires less energy to generate the same level of cleaning power as traditional pressure washing services.

Post Construction Cleaning

After a construction project has been completed, the final step in the process is to do a final cleaning. There will be painting, painting tape, overspray, dirt, dust, and sawdust residual of the work done to the property. What SSC does is take the stress of the investors and property owners and deep detail cleaning all the surfaces.
Post Construction Cleaning Service is also important because it helps to remove debris and other potential hazards that may have accumulated during the construction process. It also helps to preserve the overall quality of the completed project. This final cleaning is an essential step in the completion of any major construction project—and it should be done by a professional cleaning service. That’s why Seattle Super Cleaning will insure to do it right the first time and with the right cleaning products and equipment.

Janitorial Services

No matter what kind of business you have. Office, restaurant, clinic, retail, bank lobby, etc. Commercial Janitorial Services is an essential part of maintaining a healthy working environment. An office janitorial service can help keep your office clean and organized, which can improve the overall productivity of your employees and help to create a welcoming and comfortable work environment. They can also help to keep your business property free from potential health hazards, such as germs and dust. Professional office janitorial services are an essential part of keeping any office or business property clean and safe.

Carpet Vacuum Services

SSC offers great commercial carpet vacuum services.
Carpet vacuum services help to remove the debris, dirt, and dust that can accumulate on carpets over time. This debris can cause stains, odors, and other problems that can affect the health of your employees and customers. Carpet vacuum services can help to remove these potential hazards and keep your home or business looking and feeling its best.
Seattle Super Cleaning Carpet Vacuum Services can also help to extend the life of your carpet because they remove stains and other residues that damage fibers over time.